Nikolai Astrup, Rabarbra og småpike Sandalstrand, utan år, BKMdep, KODE Bergen


Vernissage on wednesday the 22nd of May by Trond Ueland, municipal manager.

Throughout his ouevre, Nikolai Astrup has had a relationship to the garden. From “Spring Night in the Garden” at home at the rectory, to “Rhubarb and Little Girl at Sandalstrand”. Several newly conserved sketches of plants may be seen for the first time in the exhibit. Last fall,  landscape architect Ingeborg Mellgren Mathiesen released a report on Nikolai Astrup’s garden at Sandalstrand. In this year’s exhibit at Astruptunet, we will show portions of her work, combined with original Astrup pieces encompassing garden motifs, with work from the journey from the rectory to Sandalstrand. This also includes pieces borrowed from the Astrup collection at KODE Bergen.

The exhibit becomes informative to the work to be done on the house and garden, and one may see the restoration work as an element of the dissemination.

Curators: Department head Solveig Berg Lofnes and landscape architect Ingeborg Mellgren Mathiesen

Photograph: Nicolai Astrup, “Rhubarb and Little Girl at Sandalstrand”, undated, BKMdep-373-07, KODE Bergen

Translation: Solveig Naomi Sæther