"RECEIVE THE ART'S BLESSING" said artist Kjartan Slettemark, and communicated his own art with an intense presence and through constant confrontation with society. But it is not all art that is as easy to get in speech. "I do not understand this work" is a phrase that has been stated more than once. Wondering is good, and wonder is a good companion on the road ahead, but sometimes we want more than to be astonished. Conveying art is not to give the answer key, but an action on the borderline between the translator and the interpreter's mission.

In addition to traditional guided tours, we also try, as far as possible, to convey art through other activities.

For groups of all ages on all of our exhibitions. Please contact us in advance to book an appointment.

We wish to be used by all, from kindergartens to the University College. In conjunction with some exhibitions, we arrange transportation and educational programs for different age groups. We also have a partnership with "Den kulturelle skulesekken" (The Cultural Backpack).

We try, as far as possible, to meet requests of adapted guided tours.

To book guided tours, please contact us by telephone at 97 42 15 65 or by email