Susanna Majuri, Joutsen, 2011. Copyright: BONO

IN NATURE - an exhibition for those fascinated by nature

Landscape and nature depictions have a long history in the field of visual arts. In honor of the Norwegian Tourist Association's 150th anniversary, we present a selection of works from our collections that circle around the theme of nature.

Have you ever experienced a landscape and felt that you're seeing it through some kind of filter? That for example a Nikolai Astrup painting you have seen, lie between you and the landscape, so that you see it with other eyes? What have the artists added and deduced in their depiction? What have they emphasized? In what different ways have they portrayed nature and what nature are they depicting? What season, time of day and light conditions have they chosen?

A large part of the artworks in the collections we manage in Førde, Jølster and Lærdal depict landscapes, nature experiences and nature impressions. The subjects are mountains, sea, fjord, sky, forest and flora, the seasons and human beings; enjoying, longing or wondering in nature. We have deliberately not chosen artworks where farms, animals and people are an important part of the subject.

The depictions are everything from realistic and naturalistic to abstract and lyrical. Often they demand some imagination in order to see what the artist has seen. Sometimes, the artist has described something you can’t even see, like summer air, or he has emphasized a mood. Both great views and intimate sections of nature are on display.

The artworks have been made over a period of 125 years: from 1886 to 2011, in such diverse techniques as assembly, collage, glass, photography, graphics, ceramics, painting, pastel, sculpture, drawing, textiles and video. You’ll find works that belong to the exhibition on the ground, 2nd and 3rd floors of the museum.

Represented artists: Oddleiv Apneseth, Anders M. Askevold, Nikolai Astrup, Tom Bache Wiig, Arild Bergstrøm, Sofie Berntsen, Malvin Berqvam, Aase Kvikne Bjordal, Marianne Blankenberg, Marianne Boberg, Ragnvald Botn, Øyvind Botn, Harry Botn, Geir Brungot, Kari Christensen, Ludvig Eikaas, Toralf Flatjord, Hans Gjesme, Hans Fredrik Gude, Agnes Guttormsgaard, Elisabeth Haarr, Mari Meen Halsøy, Bjørn Hegranes, Elisa Helland-Hansen, Ida Helland-Hansen, Brite Hindal, Maria Hjelmeland, Geir S. Hjetland, Arve Håland, Johan Olai Indrekvam, Arne W. Isachsen, Kurt Johannessen, Karen Klim, Kåre Ragnar Lien, Jens Chr. Lindstrøm, Lars Korff Lofthus, Susanna Majuri, Astrid Myklebust, Audgunn Naustdal Holsen, Hanne Nielsen, Eli Raa Nilsen, Kjell Nupen, Ørnulf Opdahl, Olaf Leon Roald, Knut Rumohr, Egil Røed, Lillian Samdal, Harald Seim, William H. Singer, Sidsel Skjelfjord, Gro Skåltveit, Kjartan Slettemark, Raymond Slåttli, Kari Stageboe, Åge Steinset, Svein Tenol-Tuxen, Dag Thorkildsen, Bernt Tunold, Magne Vangsnes, Kjell Varvin, Frans Widerberg and Astrid Wittersø

Curator: Ingrid Norum, konservator at SFKM.

Photo: Susanna Majuri, Joutsen (Swan), 2011, SFKM 1861, bought 2012.