Veslemøy Sparre Jansen


The Veslemøy Sparre Jansen (1968-) exhibit is a series of architectural studies which builds on the artist’s previous exhibit, “House - Lærdalsøyri”, shown at the Norwegian Drawing Association in Oslo in 2015. It is comprised of gouaches with motifs of old, wooden houses in Lærdal.

The works also contain elements of pattern and ornamentation. These are taken from the carvings on the houses, but also from textiles, plants, and the nature of the Lærdal area. The patterns make up fragments and backgrounds in the images. This becomes a meeting of these forms and colors, and assorted houses.

Sparre Jansen endeavours to create a connection between an historical tradition and an experience of our own time, simultaneously illuminating the relationship between architecture and identity in general.

The exhibit will converge with the various house-motifs of artist Hans Gjesme’s (1904-1994) in the adjacent halls.


Photo: Veslemøy Sparre Jansen, The Old Bank in Lærdal, gouache, 2019. Copyright: BONO.

Translation: Solveig Naomi Sæther

The exhibit is supported by the Arts Council Norway and the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists