Vestlandsutstillingen 2020 explores the quintessential ‘Norwegian’ in relation to the quintessential ‘international’ in contemporary art. The Norwegian west coastal landscape is inherently vibrant, with a heavy association to the era of national romanticism, which is visible to the area's artists at all times and thus inevitable. Curator Elise By Olsen takes interest in how the landscape and its history sculpts art to this day.

Simultaneously, we’re living in a time where participating in artistic discourse outside of one’s local existence is possible. In the wake of a digital revolution, which is free from the mental and physical boundaries of time and space, the curator asks if it is possible to rethink and recontextualize national romanticism today? As a response she has selected artists who still engage in close dialogue with their surroundings – through organic processes, time-consuming methods and solid materials. In Vestlandsutstillingen 2020, expectations of curatorial unity and geographical affiliation are rejected in favour of spontaneous, and surprisingly analogue, tensions between materials, work and the audience.