Together and simultaneously, the three institutions in charge of the organisation of the Award for Young Curators: MARCO Vigo, FRAC Lorraine (Fonds régional d’art contemporain de Lorraine) Metz, France, and SFKM (Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum) Førde, Norway, announce their decision on the winning proposal of the 7th edition of the Award for Young Curators (2016). The winning project, titled Crown Shyness (working title), is a proposal by Beatriz Alonso (photo: Iván García Fernández)

Beatriz Alonso sitt prosjekt "Treoppane si skyhet" handlar om kollektivt medvit, det å leve i lag utan global fiendskap og konkurranse. Kuratoren er oppteken av å finne ei livsform der alle får plass. Ho vil syne fram kunstnarleg praksis med fokus på det kollektive, utviklinga av kunstpraksis med fokus på samhandling, frå konsensus til forhandling og annleisheit. Prisen vil resultere i ei utstilling som skal vandre frå FRAC Lorraine, Metz, Frankrike, så vidare til MARCO Vigo, Spania, for så å synast ved Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum i Førde i 2018. Vi gler oss !

This award gives participants the opportunity to submit a topic of research and reflection which is of personal interest, and the possibility to bring it to fruition in the project venues at MARCO at 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, and at SFKM.

The jury —composed by Beatrice Josse, director of FRAC Lorraine, Ingrid Norum, curator of SFKM and Iñaki Martínez Antelo, director of MARCO— made its decision after having analysed 116 proposals from over 36 different countries. These proposals were analysed regarding their quality, viability and adequacy to the characteristics of the three different exhibition spaces. The originality of the proposed thesis of research, the pertinence of the suggested references was key in the selection of the award winner.

Born in 1981 in Madrid (ES), Beatriz Alonso lives and works in Madrid. She is an independent curator and researcher. She has curated individually and collectively exhibitions, domestic and digital projects, video and cinema programs, printed editions or encounters at institutional and independent spaces. Recent projects include her participation in the international residency program of Lugar a dudas (Cali, CO, 2015) and the edition of "Diarios de taller", a collection of publications for INJUVE, Youth Institute (Madrid, 2014-15). She has curated "Asoman las raíces", a cycle of two solo-shows for Alegría Gallery, (Madrid, 2015); "Mudanza", a one-day exhibition co-curated along with collective Indisciplinadas at their apartment (Madrid, 2014); "Andar por casa", an ephemeral exhibition for the independent space Salón, (Madrid, 2014); "Lo que llamamos absurdo es nuestra ignorancia", a video program with artworks by MACBA Collections for MACBA and CA2M (Barcelona and Madrid, 2014); "Hacer en lo cotidiano", a long-term project for Sala de Arte Joven, Award Curator Wanted (Madrid, 2013); "Hazañas cotidianas", a cinema program for CA2M (Madrid, 2012); "¿Qué hace alguien como tú en un sitio como éste?", exhibition co-curated along with Victoria Gil-Delgado for La Regenta Art Centre, Award New curators. The reinvented Space (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES, 2010), or "Como diría Roland Barthes, ni te cases, ni te embarques", exhibition co-curated along with Victoria Gil-Delgado for La Casa Encendida, Award Inéditos for young curators (Madrid, 2009). She is the co-founder of nowwwh, independent platform on digital curating (2011-14). She has worked as researcher and assistant curator within the project "Recherche et mondialisation" conducted by Catherine Grenier at the Centre Pompidou (Paris, FR, 2010). She has assisted Régis Michel in the preparation of the exhibition "L'oeil-écran ou la Nouvelle Image" for Casino Forum d'Art Contemporain (Luxemburg, 2006-2007). She holds a BA in Art History from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and a MA in Contemporary Art from the Universidad Europea (Madrid).